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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Time to make your own

I am really surprised at how addicting the Filofax hobby is. I am doing a DIY filofax and even more so as I was cleaning out my office and discovered a few more nice outside covers from when I was working outside my home. Which means I have a few more to decorate hurray! I love making my own because of my busy lifestyle, I can make the pages and tabs I need rather than have someone guess at what they think I have going on in my life.  In just a few days of using my planner especially since I stopped using my

  #filofax I want one.

planner I could see a huge difference in my productivity. Because I work from home I need one even more than when I had to go to the office as I have different types of things happening here and more projects as I am a full time homemaker besides all the other activities... Managing my home, farm, blog, PR, teaching, you tubes, yadda yadda without written goals or plans nothing seems to get done in a orderly fashion. I also like it because it is pretty boring to just go to your planner and see white paper with ink.. My DIY planner is a combination of journal, working, and scrapbooking. By decorating my planner it makes me excited to look at my  to do list. I can hardly wait to sit down with my planner as now I have turned it into a art project... hmmm... if only we can figure out a way to do this for the laundry and dishes? If you aren't using  a planner I want to challenge you to do it for 2 weeks and decorating it  into a exciting DIY FILO FAX. See for youself if what I say isn't so. I am actually going to make this a life skill for my family so that we can all stay organized. If Mom keeps a planner than it will naturally drip into everyone giving me their dates etc.. and putting their events in my calendar so it not only will benefit me but everyone in my home now I see for my household this isn't a want to this is a must so we can run our lives like butter! If you have a great planner please tweet me a picture at @R47R

Friday, October 3, 2014

DIY Planner Filofax hobonichi

I started a brand new hobby and I wanted to share this with you! I am starting by making my own but who knows where this great hobby may lead?